Magical Creature Petsitting

One of my New Years resolutions is to get back into roleplaying! So I’ve created a new character to play @ Mischief Managed! Feel free to IM me in world if you’d like to RP! ^^

Fable Ainsley Paige
1st year Ravenclaw!
Favorite Subjects:
Magical Creatures, Charms, DADA

Does studying for your O.W.L.s have you so busy you can’t care for your familiar? Not to worry! Fable will take care of them for you! ^^

Magical Creature Petsitting

[outfit] FATEplay ravenclaw uniform
[necklace] random.Matter percival necklace
[rings] Schadenfreude owl & raven beastie rings
[skin] VCO Benny skin & lips
[hair] barberyumyum @ SaNaRae
[familiars] Beetlebones Ohmai! Pixicat Half-DeerHEXtraordinary @ We ❤ RP!
[decor] Atomic, random.Matter, vespertine, consignment, 8f8, stormwood, Ex Machina, floorplan


Bake Me A Cake


Bake Me A Cake

Bake Me A Cake_closeups

[necklace & earrings] Violent Seduction @ Kawaii Project
[dress] Vincue @ Kawaii Project
[skin – Lady Luck] Mudskin
[hair] Doe @ Kawaii Project
[tights] antielle @ IDK
[heels] tsg. @ Kawaii Project
[bowl & whisk] Tentacio @ Xiasumi (not available anymore as far as I can tell)
[decor] dust bunny, Apple Fall, tres blah, floorplan.
(If you’d like to know where I got a specific item, feel free to ask!)

Strawberries & Cream

omnomnomnomnom! Pocky! omnomnomnomnom! 😀

Strawberries & Cream

[backpack & bow] Altair @ Kawaii Project
[dress] Katat0nik @ Kawaii Project
[skin & mesh head] tsg. (with NEW dev kit!)
[hair] LCKY
[tights] Izzie’s
[ice cream] Imeka

This backpack fit perfectly without any repositioning! That never happens for me!
I love the new dev kits from tsg! Very easy to use! I can’t wait to see more releases for it at the new tsg. mall!

The White Rose

I’m so behind.  x.x
You all keel me with your productivity.
Kawaii Project – Steampunk ❤

The White Rose

[heels] Violent Seduction @ Kawaii Project
[lingerie] antielle @ Kawaii Project
[hair] Olive @ Kawaii Project
[skin] Mudskin @ Kustom9
[rose eyepatch] a i s l i n g @ Seasons Story
[ring] Imeka @ Kawaii Project
[jar of roses] Imeka @ Seasons Story
[rug, pillow, pile of books] anc ltd
[Note: the pillow was a past Enchantment gift]

Another Note: If ever there is something in my blog pics that I don’t list specifically, feel free to ask me where it came from. ^^